Cathedral Challenge 2018

I think the time has come for a new challenge. The Scalene and Equilateral Challenges have been running for several years now and prior to that we had the Treasure Hunts.

The Cathedral Challenge is simply a quest to ride to as many Cathedral Churches in Great Britain as you like, photograph the Cathedral with bike in the photo if possible and send a copy to myself Tony Cole at A photograph of the city or town name will need to be included as well. As some of the Cathedrals are enormous structures a photograph from a few miles away will be permitted. I will keep a progress report on who has visited which Cathedrals, noting who has photographed the Cathedral furthest from Ipswich, the individual who has visited the largest number of Cathedrals and those who can find obscure Cathedrals. A progress report will appear in the Review.

You have some 72 Cathedrals (some former Cathedrals) to chose from in England, Scotland and Wales. Cathedrals of all denominations are eligible.

The Challenge will run until 31st December 2018.