Treasure Hunt 2016

What is it? For those who have not taken part in our Treasure Hunt before, this is an outline of what is involved.


The event is actually a scatter navigation rally, but similar to what most of you will know as a treasure hunt.


The aim is for a fun days riding, planning your route and answering questions at each of the points you must visit. You chose how much riding you

want to do on the day by deciding which award to aim for.


For example a bronze award will involve a few hours, while a gold will take a good part of the day. There are 11 points to choose from. Each point will

have 2 questions to answer, one compulsory and one optional depending which award you are aiming to achieve.


Bronze Visit 6 different points and answer the compulsory question at each.


Silver Visit 10 different points and answer the compulsory question at each plus 2 optional questions of your choice.


Gold Visit 11 different points and answer both the compulsory and the optional questions at all points.


You choose the award you wish to aim for and which points you wish to visit. You plan your own route and the order in which you visit the points you

have chosen. The Treasure Hunt this year will run from Wednesday June 1st until the end of October.

You can either post it or hand in your completed answers at the club house or on club runs. T

he event is open to all motorcyclists, members or non-members. There is an entry fee of 2 for members and 3 for non-members. This is to cover the

costs of running the event.


Click Here for Entry Form and Questions (Word)


Click Here for Entry Form and Questions (PDF)